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Knocked Out Teeth Treatment Bloomfield NJ

Knocked Out Teeth Treatment at True Pediatric Dental Care of Bloomfield NJ

Pediatric knocked out teeth emergency in Bloomfield, NJ

When a child experiences a knocked-out tooth, it can be an incredibly traumatic experience. Not only is the physical pain and discomfort difficult to cope with, but there is also the emotional distress that comes with losing a permanent tooth. Fortunately, parents in Bloomfield NJ have access to True Pediatric Dental Care for comprehensive treatment of knocked-out teeth.

What Causes Knocked Out Teeth?

Knocked-out teeth are most commonly caused by trauma or injury from sports or accidents. In some cases, they may be caused by dental decay that weakens the tooth’s root structure and makes it more vulnerable to being knocked loose during everyday activities like eating and brushing the teeth. Regardless of the cause, when children lose their permanent teeth it’s important to seek professional help immediately in order to maximize their chances for successful treatment outcomes.

Treatment Options at True Pediatric Dental Care

At True Pediatric Dental Care we offer several options for treating knocked out teeth depending on how soon you come in after the incident has occurred:

  • Immediate Re-implantation:

If you bring your child into our office within 30 minutes after their tooth has been knocked out we may be able to re-implant it back into its original position using special techniques designed specifically for this purpose.


  • Root Canal Therapy:

If re-implantation isn’t possible due to damage sustained during extraction or other factors then root canal therapy may be necessary in order to restore function and appearance back into your child’s mouth.


  • Dental Implants:

In some cases where re-implantation isn’t possible due to extensive damage or if too much time has passed since extraction then dental implants may be required to replace missing teeth. This procedure involves surgically placing a titanium post directly into the jawbone which then acts as an anchor for an artificial crown.


No matter the type of treatment required, parents can rest assured knowing that they are receiving quality care from experienced professionals when they choose True Pediatric Dental Care as their provider. We understand how stressful this type of situation can be so we strive to ensure each patient feels comfortable throughout the entire process. Our team will work closely with you every step of the way to ensure the best outcome possible, while providing compassionate support along the journey!

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Knocked-out teeth can be a traumatic experience for children and their families. Fortunately, True Pediatric Dental Care of Bloomfield NJ offers comprehensive treatment options for knocked out teeth. Depending on the severity of the injury, treatment may include immediate re-implantation, root canal therapy, crowns or bridges, implants, or dentures/ partials/ flippers. Our experienced team is dedicated to providing quality care and compassionate support throughout the entire process in order to ensure the best outcome possible. If your child has experienced a knocked-out tooth it’s important to seek professional help right away in order to maximize the chance of a successful treatment outcome. Contact True Pediatric Dental Care today to learn more about our services and how we can help you get back on track with your oral health!

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